André and Berthe Noufflard


Prize Noufflard

The biennial prize awards a young figurative artist, no older the 45 years of age, painting in oils.

André et Berthe Noufflard

Two painter heirs to impressionism

André and Berthe were able to interpret both nature and intimate scenes of their family life and friends with fervour and sensitivity . André was particularly a landscape artist concentrating on nature (preferably in situ): his beloved Normandy, Provence, Tuscany…

Though Berthe was familiar with many art forms she was essentially a portraitist. When contemplating their works, one cannot escape an intense emotion where all is harmony, light and tenderness. It is necessary to learn to disassociate their work while never completely separating them as they originate in the same heart.

The poet Pierre Emmanuel wrote this tribute: " Their painting will remain: in spite of us and our harsh world, it will bear witness to a respect assured and tranquil for that which is essential which never changes.

Adeline Cacan de Bissy - Honorary Director of the Petit Palais Museum-Paris

Taken from the catalogue Two Painters witness of their epoch Thiers Museum 1985 copyright Noufflard

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