André and Berthe Noufflard


Prize Noufflard

The biennial prize awards a young figurative artist, no older the 45 years of age, painting in oils.

Works of André and Berthe Noufflard

In museums

PARIS Carnavalet Museum Berthe Langweil : The carnival
Berthe Noufflard : Portrait of Jacques – Emile Blanche
André Noufflard : Henri Rivière in his studio
PARIS Doucet Library André Noufflard : Series of etchings
ROUEN Beaux Arts Museum André Noufflard : Several Normandy landscapes
Berthe Noufflard : Various portraits, one of which depicts Rose, Madame Blanche
Portraits of Jacques-Emile Blanche’s sisters-in-law, the misses John Lemoinne
OFFRANVILLE Jacques – Emile Blanche Museum Berthe Noufflard : Jacques-Emile Blanche in his dining room
The Dixon Gallery and Gardens An important collection of 42 paintings by the two artists

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