André and Berthe Noufflard


Prize Noufflard

The biennial prize awards a young figurative artist, no older the 45 years of age, painting in oils.


Among the catalogues of expositions during the lifetime of André and Berthe Noufflard

1924 Jean-Louis Vaudoyer, Preface for the exposition of the paintings of André & Berthe Noufflard .Dolls – Berthe Noufflard Gallery Simonson – Paris
1927 Arsène Alexandre, Preface for the exposition landscapes by André Noufflard portraits by Berthe Noufflard Gallery Hector Brame – Paris

Works and retrospective catalogues

1982 André Noufflard, Berthe Noufflard, their life, their paintings. An evocation by their daughters and friends. Preface by Prof. Jean Bernard, member of the Académie Française. Association A.& B. Noufflard
1982 Catalogue of the exposition at the Beaux-Arts Museum – Rouen, “Du côté de Fresnay” A & B. Noufflard and their friends – established by François Bergot - Rouen
1985 Catalogue of the exposition at the Thiers Museum – Paris André & Berthe Noufflard, “Two painters, witneses of an epoch”.Assoc. A. & B. Noufflard. Preface by Adeline Cacan de Bissy.
1988 Catalogue of the exposition at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens – Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Heirs to Impressionism: André and Berthe Noufflard, established by John Buchanan, Jr with an article by Richard Brettell.
1989 Geneviève James, André and Berthe Noufflard, the rediscovery of two painters in the best tradition of Contemporary French Civilisation. Vol. 3, N° 1, winter-spring 1989, USA.
1990 Catalogue of the exposition of the Drouot Fondation, Drouot – Montaigne Paris André and Berthe Noufflard, two painters, heirs of impressionism. Association André and Berthe Noufflard.
1996 Catalogue of the exposition at the Hôtel d’Assezat at Toulouse, André and Berthe Noufflard, established by Philippe Cros, Bemberg Foundation, Toulouse.

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