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Prize Noufflard

The biennial prize awards a young figurative artist, no older the 45 years of age, painting in oils.

Audio-Visual Archives

André et Berthe Noufflard

Image flottanteConservation, analysis, distribution and valorisation of the films by Pôle Image Haute-Normandy (PIHN).

The films of André Noufflard taken between 1925 and 1940 were deposed by Henriette Guy Loë and Geneviève Noufflard in 1998 at PIHN in Rouen.

The 732 small reels of 30m by 9,5mm (spool Pathé Baby) were classified, given titles and numbers by their author and placed in small leather cases.

After being transferred onto a secure numeric support they were viewed, indexed, dated and analysed (indexed by key words, place names, persons, events represented ….)

With the approval of the legal successor, they are now available for cultural events (expositions, documentaries, film festivals and educational projects).

Some extracts :

  • And some examples of diffusion:

  • 1996 :“Summer days” documentary of A. Doublet, F. Bernard, J. Cahen, P. Coblot shown on Canal + television and numerous festivals
  • 2000 : France 3 (television)-A century of the author “Edith Wharton” directed by Eliz. Lennard
  • 2002 : MC 93 Bobigny, “Alsacian Accents” based on Gertrude Stein–directed by Eliz. Lennard
  • 2002 : Helsinki (Finland) projection within the structure of the European Association of unedited works
    “Family images”.
  • 2003 :International Agricultural Exposition –Paris Feb. 22nd – March 2nd, Edition, “animal rearing, “harvests”, competences concerning the Northern Normandy region.
  • 2004 : Dieppe National Theatre-Edition “40 years of amateur films”.
  • 2004 : Company “Metro Mouvance”, St. Louis chapel, Rouen “The covenant of Pokott” – directed by Dominique Terrier
  • 2004 : Martigny (Switzerland) Edition “Life in the mountains” public projection within the structure of the European Association of unedited works
  • 2005 : France 3 (television) Alsace, documentary concerning the painter “Hansi” directed by M. Zieger
  • 2006 : Symposium “conformity, impertinence and provocation in the representations of Alsace” – Marc Bloch University – Strasburg 2 (department of dialectics) and the MIRA association 14/15 December
  • 2007 : exposition Casino Museum of Dieppe-Chateau of Dieppe June 24th – December 7th
  • 2007 : Yerville homage – André and Berthe Noufflard – Salon City Hall November 17th -25th
  • 2008 : exposition “Emma Bovary, Magdi Sénadji” – Abbey of Jumièges
  • 2009 : exposition “Henri Rivière, between impressionism and Japanism” BNF Paris, April 7th - July 19th
  • 2009 : Japan, exposition shown in three cities:
    July 24th – August 23rd - Kanazawa
    Sept 5th – Oct 12th – Hayama
    Oct 20th – Dec 6th - Yamaguchi
  • 2010 : (project) – “Normandy Impressionism” Abbey of Jumièges

  • Since 2005, editions of excerpts filmed in Alsace (particularly concerning the Prix de Français en Alsace) can be consulted in the archives of Bas Rhin, created in 1986 (known as the MAHN) is a department of Pôle Image, financially supported by the Haute Normandie region and the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs.

    The MAHN has established a numeric inventory of all the documents, films and audio visual patrimony as well as recent documents having Upper Normandy as its theme or emplacement. There are at present 6700 films, professional or amateur, documentaries or fiction, long or short footage already listed.

    This is not only a place to conserve, restore or stock the material but also a place where one can project the images (rendez-vous necessary) and eventually have copies, if the legal successors agree. One can also consult documents relevant to the films.

    The MAHN equally participates in various cultural events and organizes public projections. It is a founding member of the FCAFF (Federation of Cinémathèques (Film libraries) and archives of French films) since 1995. Member of “Unpublished amateur film archives of Europe (formerly the European Association of unpublished films) since 1992. Member of the PIAF (Professionals of images and archives of French speaking countries) since 1997. The MAHN is constantly enriching its collections and would appreciate receiving information concerning other existing documents in your possession.

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  • Christelle LANGLOIS (Assistant),
  • Jean Dieppois (technical coordinator),

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